AUCOTEC is permanently on the move

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Looking to the future

AUCOTEC is permanently on the move

Climate-neutral into the future, that is our goal at AUCOTEC. The course has been set and we are taking big steps in the right direction.

Our sustainable promise

With the construction of the new building in Isernhagen, we have laid the foundation for our sustainable development strategy. Our head office is equipped with state-of-the-art air-conditioning technology, and CO2-neutral recycled tiles are laid throughout the building. In addition, we obtain our electricity exclusively from renewable energy plants. This means that all kilowatt hours consumed at the AUCOTEC headquarters are climate-neutral. By purchasing green electricity, regional projects for the promotion of renewable energies and sustainable climate protection measures are supported. A certificate from our energy supplier confirms that the generation of our annual electricity usage releases up to 203 tonnes less CO2 than energy sources for the average electricity mix in Germany.

If our employees do not come by bus or train, which stop in front of our main door in Isernhagen, they can charge up their e-bikes or e-cars here with a clear conscience in a climate-neutral way at charging points on the building. The green electricity also ensures that we are now much more sustainable when it comes to simple things like drying our hands, and can completely dispense with the mountains of paper towels that we used to use every year. To minimize unnecessary power consumption, the AUCOTEC headquarters is equipped with automatic light control. And remote working and digital collaboration, which we have been using since before Corona, also contribute to climate protection. The online meetings save many a car journey or even a flight.

But of course our sales department is and remains mobile – which is why our vehicle fleet has been driving climate-neutral since June 2021. Our cars are not yet completely electric, but until then we will offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting a climate protection project run by ClimatePartner.

Our climate protection project

In the Indian state of Rajasthan, we support a recognized climate protection project that is certified to international standards. The two wind farms supply clean electricity to around 100,000 people in one of India's economically weakest regions. But not only that: a number of social and environmental programmes have been linked to the project. With these, it contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For example, for more gender equality, high quality education, clean water and decent work. You can find out more about our climate protection project here: ClimatePartner