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Create Synergies, Connect Processes
Engineering Base sets new standards, because as a product of the most recent generation of authoring systems for planning and documenting electrical and process engineering systems, with its database-driven platform it adapts to the workflow actually taking place in practice: The engineering model is created independent of graphic representations and thus offers designers and others involved in a project a unique workflow flexibility. The always up-to-date model enables this freedom because all components such as devices, cables or functions, graphics and catalogs are kept together. Whenever a piece of information becomes available it can be entered into the model via input masks, worksheets or graphic representation. From the first concepts and basic information down to the last change everything is thus under constant control.
Managing together what belongs together
Engineering Base is much more powerful, however. As an authoring system for the design and documentation of technical equipment it can because of its database accept and manage all other matching contents of a project including the data from corresponding authoring systems (e.g. for 3-D CAD, control software codes etc.). EB is much more intelligent than conventional EDM systems, which usually contain only containers or derived PDF files. In EB all of the networking on the level of the elements is kept and enables the fastest possible navigation as well as simultaneous editing of the data.
Interdisciplinary savings
As genuine basis for cooperation in engineering, EB, with its database-driven client/server architecture, is unique: interdisciplinary, collaborative, fast! In the same way Engineering Base overcomes the borders between mechanical engineering, process control engineering, wiring harness design and power distribution. For example a shipbuilder can use Engineering Base not only to plan the electrical engineering of the cabinets, the harnessing and the routing including the topology, but likewise the hydraulic system, water conditioning, power supply and air conditioning – all of this based on a common data stock. Thus it is not only the engineering job that saves error-prone data transfers and a lot of time in all disciplines. The IT department also benefits: no interfaces, minimized administrative and training expenditure – and in certain cases even the EDM system can be dispensed with.
Open for all standards
Be it branch-specific regulations or international standards: EB's flexible data structures and customizing options support the documentation of technical systems ideally in any form. A switchover to alternative designation rules is possible anytime. From IEC or JIC/ANSI in mechanical engineering and plant construction via KKS and DIN additionally for energy supply down to segment-dependent special documents in process control technology: There are no limits to what EB can do in terms of worldwide standards and flexibility.
Tradition creates future
Wherever technical systems are to be designed, AUCOTEC has since over 25 years collected practical experience and realized innovations with a number of different products. AUCOTEC products are being used over 35,000 times. Engineering Base is the result of the know-how gathered in all these fields. It stands for the realization that after fully exploiting the automation options of individual areas, only the networking of the various disciplines can ensure new, future-proof perspectives for processes that remain highly efficient in the long run.

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