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Features and Benefits of Engineering Base Electrical
Variant configuration - the path to automatic documentation preparation

- XLS Configurator for fully automated project generation: Supports you in the realization of modular systems and master plans and thus in the standardization of your products
video sequence XLS Configurator

General diagrams and cable run design

- Route planning with cable routing and length determination: Enables tremendous time and cost saving for the planning of the required cable laying and affords the prerequisite for precise cable manufacturing
video sequence Cable Routing

- Single-line representation: Offers you the option to document all preliminary planning jobs on schedule and to access them in detail engineering without loss of information
video sequence Single-line representation

- Automatic determination of assembly materials: For the first time also offers the preparation of the required complete assembly documentation in its entirety
video sequence Automatic assembly materials

- Calculation of the material requirements as well as production and assembly costs: Offers you the desired cost transparency from the very beginning and enables you to directly manipulate the costs
video sequence Calculating Prices

- Preparation of request specifications: On the basis of the device descriptions that can be generated by the system you become independent of specific suppliers and are flexible on new markets
video sequence Request Specification

PLC Wizards, bus design
- PLC addressing, PLC assignment: Save costs and avoid errors due to multiple entries by using highly efficient wizards for control configuration
video sequence PLC addressing and PLC assignment

- Interfacing with PLC/DCS systems: Due to the automatic generation of the hardware configuration and the I/O assignment you avoid the otherwise common multiple entries and the sources of error associated with them
video sequence SIMATEC Manager
video sequence BECKHOFF
video sequence Rockwell

- Wizards for bus topology and bus address assignment: Efficiently use already existing E-engineering information and spare yourself the use of additional drawing systems
video sequence BUS Topology

Cabinet design, routing

- Automatic cable length calculation by determination of the optimum cable path: Increase your efficiency in cabinet design by automated manufacturing of the cables and the support of cable laying, and save line material
- Wiring optimization on the basis of the placement position in the cabinet: Use the cost-saving options for line material by optimum wiring calculation
video sequence Calculate Routing

Production support

- Support of automated manufacturing of mounting plates: Automate your manufacturing process for cabinet assembly and increase the throughput
video sequence Export Panel

- Label generation: Spare yourself the now common manual operations for creating the inscriptions
video sequence Label Generation

- Wire setting and bundling: From the fully automated pre-setting of all wires in bundle technology to the consistent planning of lines ready for laying in cabinet and control assembly - thus wiring times can be efficiently reduced

- 3-D interfacing: Optimize your cabinet design and facilitate cabinet assembly; use the collision control to avoid complications during assembly of the switching station
video sequence AutoCAD
video sequence Inventor
video sequence SolidWorks

Production-adapted revision lists

- Alphanumeric revision technology: Gives you precise instructions for machine and plant revision; benefit from the time economy in change managemen
video sequence Alphanumeric revision Technology

Documentation for your customers

- Intelligent PDF with the easiest imaginable navigation: Get for yourself and thus your customers a simple method for efficiently using the final documentation
video sequence Intelligent PDF

- Mechatronics Explorer for supporting the life cycle management: Save expenditure and costs for maintenance and upkeep with to the comprehensive information offered by our service management system for machine and plant data from electrical, control and mechanical systems
video sequence Mechatronic Explorer

Here you find the complete film for consistent projecting with Engineering Base Instrumentation as well as additional branch-specific solutions

Learn more about the possibilities of consistent engineering in process control technology – from simple P&ID configuration to highly efficient detail engineering . Experience moreover the complete bandwidth of Engineering Base solutions also for the requirements of other industrial sectors, for example:

- Wire harness production in the Automotive industry
- A projecting example from the aerospace industry
- Easy solutions for process engineering tasks (ISA/IEC)
- Examples concerning power distribution(PTD)

You can get all of the comprehensive videos about the highly efficient engineering workflow with the latest generation of tools from AUCOTEC

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