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Process Control Technology
From Aspirin and gasoline to sugar,
products made with process engineering can no longer be dispensed with in everyday life. The highly automated manufacturing plants, which have to cope with complex processes, must meet the highest demands. Be it the primary, chemical or manufacturing industry – for all these sectors the engineering workflow starts with a plant concept e.g. in the form of a flow diagram, a drawing of the building or a general diagram. Here one compiles all of the information that determines the further planning process in a way spanning several assembly sections: process engineering, electrical and automation technology or the control system. This method of operation needs a consistent, integrated data concept permitting changes in a central location, changes that must yet be automatically updated in all user views.
Process control technology projects
are characterized by a large amount of data. One of the foremost requirements therefore is the tabular editing option. Graphic object representations frequently evolve only in the final stage of a planning project.
The branch is distinguished by special documents and regulations –
depending on the country and sector. Therefore flexible data structures and adaptation options for customizing data are an absolute prerequisite for plant documentation in process engineering. Only in this way can loops, specification and consumer sheets or data reports get the desired layout and the required information in any form.
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