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Oldenburger Allee 24
D - 30659 Hanover
Phone +49 511 6103-0
Fax +49 511 614074
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Chairman Executive Board: Horst Beran
Corporate Headquarters: Hanover
HRB no. 60922
Value added tax identification number: DE194947880
The contents of our Internet offering were checked and are valid exclusively for Germany unless otherwise indicated. This offering is constantly expanded and updated. However, we cannot assume any warranty concerning completeness, correctness and topicality.
Copyright and trademark protection
AUCOTEC AG offers a large amount of information on its Internet pages. Due to the technical conditions of the Internet, AUCOTEC AG cannot assume any warranty as regards to possible deviations from original texts or topicality, correctness or completeness of the published information. AUCOTEC AG reserves all rights concerning this information.
All identifiers such as trademarks (especially names of products) and company logos contained in this Internet presence are protected by law. AUCOTEC AG also reserves all rights in this case.
The business and commercial use as well as duplication, modification or forwarding to third parties are not permitted.
Note on links
As a content provider, AUCOTEC AG is, according to § 5 section 1 of the German Telecommunication Services Law (Teledienstegesetz, TDG), responsible for the information supplied according to general law. These proprietary contents are to be distinguished from links (references) to contents provided by other suppliers. With the link, AUCOTEC AG thus provides foreign contents for use. AUCOTEC AG is responsible for these foreign contents only inasmuch as it has positive knowledge of these contents (especially unlawful or punishable contents) and inasmuch as it has the technical means and can reasonably be expected to prevent their use (§ 5 section 2).
Links are generally "dynamic references", which means that the foreign contents are continuously modified. Before referencing it for the first time, AUCOTEC AG has checked the foreign contents concerning the question of whether a responsibility with respect to civil or criminal law is entailed. However, according to the law (TDG) AUCOTEC AG is not obliged to continuously monitor the foreign contents for changes that might newly establish a responsibility.
Only if and when AUCOTEC AG determines or is made aware of the fact that a concrete offering for which AUCOTEC AG has supplied a link does indeed establish a responsibility with respect to civil or criminal law, AUCOTEC AG will cancel the reference to this offering inasmuch as it is technically feasible and can reasonably be expected to be carried out.

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