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Features and Benefits of Engineering Base
Computer Based Engineering
A new approach to electrical engineering. All data is stored in a virtual plant model in a database. Alphanumerical or graphical methods can be used to manipulate data.
Includes Microsoft Visio
Visio is the office diagramming solution from Microsoft. Visio is intuitive and easy to use without the overhead of full featured CAD systems. Users who are familiar with Microsoft Office use Visio with little training. Visio is designed to create diagrams using intelligent shapes and connections - the ideal basis for electrical engineering. Learn more about Microsoft Visio 2003.
Familiar user interface
The user interface has the familiar look and feel of well known Microsoft Office products. Thus cutting down the time required to become familiar with Engineering Base.
Database Explorer
All data is represented in a Windows Explorer like view. Move, create, copy, and modify data as you would in the Windows Explorer.
Based on Microsoft SQL server
SQL Server is the state of the art relational database management system meeting the highest standards in reliability and security. Engineering Base comes with a pre configured SQL server. Multiple projects are stored in one database and can be accessed at the same time.Learn more about Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
Connect to database
Users can interactively connect to databases in the entire company network. It’s easy to set up project related work groups.
Database manager
A tool for easily maintaining the database is included. All important tasks for optimization and backup can be performed without any additional training.

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